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Russ Lanouette, with over 34 years building, inspecting and repairing propane trucks and storage facilities delivers TSU products and services directly to the customer in five states. Russ and his staff travel to our customers' locations to provide:

  • V&K Inspections
  • Meter proving
  • Truck and Meter repairs
  • Truck and Plant Upgrades
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Truck and Plant Re-piping
  • Vaporizer Installations, and Replacements, Service and Tune-ups
  • Truck re-chassis and anything else needed to keep delivery trucks safe, reliable and on the road delivering product.

Russ and his staff currently oversee the safe operation and precise metering and pumping of over 120 delivery trucks and 185 propane fill stations and bulk facilities. CTEP certified with specific attention to Federal, State and Local compliance, TSU Propane services keeps our customers safe and up to date.

Recent Projects:

  • 14 truck up-fit for new printers, registers and communication.
  • Facility re-piping of (2) 22,500 gwc u/g tanks at the peak of Killington Resort.
  • New pump and bobtail fill stanchion in Littleton, NH.
  • Removal and disposal of large propane storage tank in Nashua, NH.
  • Proving and calibration of over 180 remote fill stations this season.

Established January 2018

Established January 2018

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Russell Lanouette