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Twin State Traffic Control, LLC

Twin State Traffic Control, LLC was started in 2017 to solve a problem. Twin State Utilities Corp. was not able to secure long term traffic control through third parties in order to complete some of our larger projects. In response, we sent several of our employees to classes to get their Flagging Certification(s). This proved the simplest method to accommodate our utilities construction activities and proved very successful.

After meeting this challenge, some of our preferred utility clients that were experiencing the same problem asked us to assist them as they were having the same issues. We formed Twin State Traffic Control, LLC and now have staff of 25 certified flaggers who assist select clients in NH and VT.

Our traffic control staff work year round to safely manage traffic in and around construction sites in rural and urban areas. They are equipped with exceptional radios, all the necessary signage and safety equipment to meet or exceed the need of our clients.

In 2018 our select client list has grown to include paving and site construction companies in addition to utility-oriented organizations. We are a Member of the National Safety Council and our flaggers are certified in NH and VT by the American Traffic Safety Services Association, Associated General Contractors of VT and the VT Work Zone Advisory Council.

We are pleased to have Gary Robinson managing the Twin State Traffic Control Division. He has many years of law enforcement training and has notable experience with traffic control demands. If you have a need for a traffic control relationship (not short term needs) contact Gary. You will not be disappointed.

Established June 2017

Established June 2017

Division Manager


Gary Robinson